Ahh, music. We all love it in one form or another. And that’s part of the beauty of music – there are literally thousands of genre’s that can facilitate absolutely everyone’s flavour.

The matching of pictures to music has alwaysfacinated me. You can have a piece of video footage, for example (to keep with the ‘feel’), a big wave breaking and have a beautiful classical instrumental piece of music over the top. This ‘leads’ the viewer to feel emotions totally controlled by the chemical reaction between sight and sound. They will feel relaxed and unthreatened by what they are seeing because of the music. On the other hand, take the same video and match it with heavy metal and instantly the footage of the big wave becomes a lot more sinister and conjures a very different reaction in the viewer.

The ability to ‘control’ the viewer and hold interest is a challenge. One must find a balance between picture and sound and ensure that the two are in unity otherwise either the picture, the music or both are completely wasted on the viewer.

Music that has influenced me over the years has been very much an infusion of genre’s. Travelling through New Zealand, meeting so many beautiful kiwi people and being introduced to so much amazing music has molded how I go about my filming and my art. Kiwi bands like Salmonella Dub, Fat Freddys Drop, dDub, Rhombus, Kora and Aussie bands like The Cat Empire, The Beautiful Girls, Angus and Julia Stone and Rastawookie to name only a few, all cannot be ‘labelled’ into a specific genre. They all combine aspects of dub, jazz, reggae, folk, rock, hiphop, funk, electronic, alternative etc etc.

Why confine yourself to a certain genre (both as an artist and a listener) when you can indulge in a delightful mash up of magnificent sounds? 

If you have any recomendations of tunes similar to the above that I should check out, please let me know…

I, for one, am all ears!

2 Responses to Soundwaves

  1. Jeremy says:

    Check out Explosions in the Sky!

  2. Jeremy Rules says:

    9 minutes of awesome is better than 8 minutes of awesome.

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