Just beyond the artisanal shop of Casena and Mozza’s oceanfront dining pavilion at the Marina Village on the Sea of Cortez is an unassuming alley that leads to the new Costa Palmas lounge + nightclub: Chiki. The first of many projects led by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio (MBDS) brings together raw authenticity and rich Mexican culture.

“You hear the music and feel the energy, but you have to find it,” says Jason Grosfeld, founder of the development company, Irongate. “Like many of the areas we have developed at Costa Palmas, there is an element of exploration to the village, with hidden gems like the lounge + nightclub, where you can catch up with friends on the dancefloor after a day on the beach.”

The nightclub certainly feels like a universe all its own. Inspired by La Casa Azul in Mexico City, especially its architectural configurations, the nightclub’s interiors are eclectic in style yet retain a uniquely Mexican feel that plays to a fresh generation of cultural enthusiasts and modern-day travelers.

The bar area is draped in colorful fabrics to create an intimate cocooning effect gracefully juxtaposed with statement-glass chandeliers and antique mirrors that stretch across the bar to reflect the geometric tiled floors. MBDS worked closely with mosaic artist, Celso, to create show-stopping murals that draw inspiration from folk art and traditions, particularly the significance of the sun and moon within Mexican culture.

The speakeasy aesthetic offers a variety of seating experiences, including intimate booths designed for relaxing before or after hitting the dance floor, and outdoor seating in a central courtyard area. And everywhere, there are murals and mosaics that bring walls to life in a deeply rooted Mexican way. A color palette of reds, oranges, and greens lends drama and excitement while colored lighting help create a cantina vibe throughout the dining and bar areas.

“The location was just as important as the details of the space,” says Jason Grosfeld. The nightclub is a first taste of what is coming from MBDS, which will soon bring Grosfeld’s vision to life with Casa Blake, the first boutique resort and residences at Costa Palmas Marina Village.

Come sip on an El Rey (featuring home-aged santanera tequila, pink peppercorn, antica formula, luxardo cherry, and orange bitters), a Diablito (made with mezcal, lime, simple syrup, baked pineapple and chamoy), or one of the many delicious, bespoke cocktails shaken behind the mosaic bar.