‘Somewhere North Of Perth’. Pen on Canvas 1500mm / 500mm.

'Black Point'. Oil on canvas. 600mm x 300mm

‘Black Point’. Oil on canvas. 600mm x 300mm


'Reverse'. Oil on canvas. 600mm x 300mm

‘Reverse’. Oil on canvas. 600mm x 300mm



‘Bliss’. Oil on Canvas. 160cm by 160cm.

‘Boab1’. Oil on Canvas. 150cm by 60cm. Given to Claire & Dave for 20th Anniversary X

‘Lovely Lefts’. Oil on canvas. 150cm by 60cm. Frog’s.

‘Anniversary’. Oil on Canvas. 150cm by 60cm. NFS

‘No one out’. Oil on Board.

‘Parallel Universe’. Oil on canvas. 140cm by 140cm. Sold

‘Shepards Delight’. Oil on canvas. Sold.

‘Marching Sets’. Oil on board.

8 Responses to Gallerywaves

  1. Sky says:

    The painting i have from you is still the best for sure!

  2. Balls says:

    Daily fireup bring it on!!!!!

  3. Shanna says:

    Is there going to be a ‘Lovely Left’s II’?

  4. Seb says:

    I may be a little biased but I love “Anniversary” and you painted “Bliss” after Zephyr was born, which is now my favourite (especially as the kids and I are playing in the background as you surf… I’m just surprised you can’t see a tripod and camera nearby!)

  5. Didee says:

    Yeah I like “Anniversary” as well Seb.
    Well done Stone!

  6. aunty V. says:

    ‘shepards delight’ that’s my favorite,i get the mood flow of colour between sky, earth and ocean! V.

  7. Laila says:

    Just beautiful, Stone!! Zoe was looking over my shoulder as I browsed your work and she said, “Whoah, he’s got talent man”!

    You have new fans!! xx

  8. Rob says:

    Shepard’s delight is my fav… brings back memories of Caves at Cactus long, long time ago….. we had a golden red sunset with dolphins surfing with us…. thanks mate.

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