Frog @ Spot X

Here’s a little teaser, and I do mean little – the screen is tiny, for whats to come in the new flick… Days like these are the one’s I’ll always cherish. Just Frog and me out, waves not perfect but we were making it fun, Seb on the rocks with Oceana in a baby sling… and filming!… Gold! She has a very good eye and doesn’t miss much even while breastfeeding!


Film making has been a longtime passion of mine. The ‘Roids’, my group of friends, are quite an active bunch so years ago we began filming our ‘activities’.

Some of the sports covered in our films are; Surfing, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Motocross and Mountain Biking to name a few.

Along with fellow filmakers Krusty and Ezz we have released the following movies;

(from newest to oldest)

Aqua Daze

Fluid Motion

Broken Glass

Dirty Water

Wet Sand

and 3 Days 5 Surfs


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