Alive & Kickin….. just

Hey peeps,

What a busy year! – Seems like 6 months has passed in 3 days… weird..

Good news is that I’m still here and getting motivated to finish off the next movie (hopefully by December) and get into some designs and paintings in the new year.  The Roids are heading back to G-town for the annual getaway so stay tuned for some antics out of that…

Footy has finished and after captaining the boys for the past 2 years, making a Grand Final last year, and then the semi’s this year, its time for me to take a step back, spend some Saturdays with the family, surf, paint and generally start doing all the things I can’t do when I’m playin footy…  I’m looking forward to it but know that its going to be hard when footy season kicks off next year..

Thats a snapshot of my world.  Sorry for the lack of posts – I’m still living in a warped idea of the digital age – where people still talk on phones and don’t bitch about others via  Bookface… One of the many reasons I’ll never have a bookface page..

Until next time – Be happy!



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