Ahh, summer….

Yep. Summer. It’s upon us.

It’s weird. As I get older I tend to dred those 40 degree days when it’s too hot to even walk down the beach to the water. Or, if I forget to take the cover off the pool, I jump in expecting that delicious rush of refreshment but instead it feels like I’m swimming in my own wee.

I’m very much an Autumn and Spring guy. Those crystal clear deep blue offshore days which hover around the 25 degree mark – Perfect.  Which is what we got recently with our annual trip to Gracetown.  This year it was more of a family affair with Ezza, Penny, Jordi and Riley joining our family to fill up the house.  4am starts meant that we were paddling out and surfing on our own for a good 1 – 2 hours before we saw another person. It was small, but Frog, Ezz and me made the most of it and had a good time. 

Then followed the 2011 Roids at the Blackwood.  It was everything you’d expect from a Roids trip – Jerka and Balls barefooted their arses off, I attempted to barefoot with the ‘unofficial’ time I was on my feet fluctuating between 1.75 and 5 seconds, before crack-whoring (face planting) badly, Ezza hurt his knee….again, Boomer soaked up some rays (and fluids) and was good ballast in the boat…. and Daz? Well, lets just say the Roid Tribunal ensured that Daz would leave mental scars on everyone of us….

Yes, he is wearing the green G….!
What did he do to deserve being whipped, half naked at 70km/h on nothing more than a glorified tractor tube, you ask? Well, I think the best way to put it is he was just being ‘Daz’. 
 The high pitched gurgling screams were reminissent of a little school girl, which is also very ‘Daz’.
And just so I don’t leave you with that terribly bad taste in your mouth, here’s a much nicer picture of the Blackwood….. (both photos by Jerka)….
Yep. A good couple of weeks.
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