Just One Of Those Daze…

Saturday, 11th June 2011.

The surf report was nothing too exciting. A long period 2.2meter SW swell and a gusty 20 knot NEasterly but it was my first Saturday off from playing footy so it was worth the punt.

A 5am leave time meant that Frog, Ezz and me were driving in the cold dark and, apart from a run-in with a particuarly stupid roo (who ran across the road, stopped then turned around and ran back across the road making Frog get on the brakes) it was a smooth trip.

We arrived at the break at 7 as the sun poked it’s head up over the dunes. It was freezing cold but there was no one to be seen and there were a few nice small ones rolling through. Ezz had brought his GoPro camera, which we mounted to my Dads gath helmet, and this was the first time we had put it through its paces. I wasnt expecting much, footage wise, as it is very dependant on the angle of the camera, the ability of the surfer (or lack of) and, obviously, what the waves are doing.

After about an hour, we decided to move down the beach a bit to where we thought it might be a bit more sheltered from the biting wind. It was. And the surf, although small, was fun and almost perfect beachies. We swapped the helmet cam between us for the whole morning and, after 3 and a half hours in the water, finally crawled back to Perth.

Knackered, and with wives and girlfriends well grumpy due to us being 3 hours late, we checked the footage. It’s AWESOME! Got some great barrel shots and Ive edited it all down to a 5min clip to be included in the next movie (due for release in December!)

It’s days like these that keep me going. 3 bro’s, whooping, singing, f**king around, havin fun and getting barrelled without another person to be seen.

Yep. Perfect.

This still frame was taken from the video footage… Nice shot Frog..!

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